Exhibition by Ranfis. Gallery El Oficio, Benjumeda street Nr. 51, corner to Nueva del Pilar, Center Havana / June-Julio 2018

The exhibition tries to recover the memory of overlapping facts of history, give it a re-reading from the present day, and confront them (thus manhandled, ambiguous) to public opinion.

As a whole, each work assumes different formats and modes of representation. The title is a phrase corresponding to the last campaigns of the Dominican politician Hipólito Mejía (an individual recognized for his lack of tolerance, president of his country between 2000 and 2004), and has been assumed by the arrogant and macho tone that he has, perfect to support our intentions.

Papa arrived, Ranfis' personal exhibition, is articulated as an anthology, in such a way that it presents works of his most recent creation, as well as others conceived five years ago. The main theme of the exhibition is history and politics, and the main resource is parody.

by: Claudia Alonso Casas