Exhibition by Dayron Gallardo. Gallery Casa 8, Street 8 Nr. 306 b/ 13 and 15, Vedado / June-August 2018


Dayron Gallardo has been on a pilgrimage through the natural environment, an experience that has been synthesized in the last aesthetic inquiries of the Far Horizons series. The approach to nature becomes a mystical encounter and apparently means an escape valve from the urban palimpsest. He is attracted to amorphous, bulbous, asymmetric and, specifically, those beings and organic compounds that hide in the ground or under rocks and that normally go unnoticed by the human eye: decaying fruits, insects, branch residues, tree roots or even eroded soil or rock fragments themselves.

The works elude human presence, as well as panoramic views of the landscape. They are born after performing a zoom in exercise, manipulating and reinventing a closed floor plan. Dayron stains the canvas: he "sculpts" it, sprinkles it with wood and threads, scrapes it off, all of which gives the pieces a tactile look. The colours oscillate between toasted, green and grey earths, hence a sour visual surface.

The result is largely conditioned by the atmospheric music composed by Jeremy Scule for the Skyrim video game that Dayron listens to as he creates a constant, viscous, but liquid sound that rubs everything, penetrates it and discovers it. The artist constructs a visual repertoire that reinterpreted in some way returns us to the city and to man because it diagrams through different symbolic or allegorical resources multiple mental states, experiences and attitudes in which the human being lives: uneasiness, silence, unconsciousness, drought or erosion of the soul, topics that worry him constantly and that have been recurrent in his work since his years in academia.

by: Isdanny Morales