"El Anaquel", Yerandee González Durán. Personal exhibition of artist's books. Experimental Graphic Workshop in Havana. February / 2017


In the same proportion as a book is a useful object to contain ideas, whether they are encoded in the form of images, words or any other sign, it can also be aesthetic in its tangible dimension. An example of this is the books that I have no alternative but to call "meditation", a genre cultivated by Yerandee as a mere exercise in his craft, also meditative, and at the same time as a "literary" proposal for the "users" of his works; they are also obliged to gather existential patience, with the only requirement of not being tempted to subscribe to his pages. In this case, it is a very peculiar and timeless diary, rather a book of hours that reflects in an authentic way the reality itself, expressed in a primordial and pristine way, just in the second one before it was filled with all sorts of perceptibly interpretations and imbecilities typical of our species. It is no less: to open a blank book, in whatever direction it opens, with no more spatial references than a spine to hold its pages, falls easily into the category of notebook, notebook, or any other "rational", functional trap..., as if an object of this nature were not enough to reveal itself to itself all the in- "substantialness” that the silence of its pages and final invoice could communicate.

In the "Library of Leisure", by simple contrast with the previous issue, there are bibliographical "jewels" that record the most banal and creepy existence, elevated categorically to culture, or science (could not know how to define), for its eloquent and rigorous authenticity to document certain events. In this sense, like the clinical history of a patient "such", these documents attest to the pleasures or excesses of a specific subject, in this case Yerandee, who has appropriated an object of mass consumption, emptied and metabolized in a personal capacity, to elevate it to the status of an artistic work.

"El Anaquel" watches over the appearance of conventions so that, only after a closer look, they openly reveal an outrageous blasphemy.

Taken from "Considerations and distancing about El Anaquel".

by: Amilkar Feria Flores

Southern spring 2014.

Luanda, Angola