Personal exhibition by Yoanny Aldaya Ramírez. Gallery Casa 8, street 8 Nr. 306 between 13 and 15, Vedado. November-December 2017

Throughout history, the creation of fiction has helped us organize our thinking and deal with our disordered human relationships, especially during times of abrupt change. From Greek myths to contemporary fiction, the creation of alternative worlds has been a way of exploring concerns about the condition of the individual and the socio-political environment that determines it.

In this exhibition, Yoanny Aldaya presents us with a series of photographs that explore the body as a field of hybridization and transformation, through which he creates characters and narratives and in whose ritualistic acts we find the construction dependent on the individual and collective being.

Bending the boundaries of gender, where sexuality and sensuality are used as tools to challenge stereotypes and clichés, Aldaya shows us, with enigmatic symbolism, the ability to mutate and transform her body. His images remind us of the surrealist tradition of exploring dreams and enter the world of the torments of the psyche.

In an attempt to surpass his own identity, the artist uses self-representation as a means through which to speak of the plural individual, attempting to reveal how many entities can reside within a single person. Aldaya's work then becomes an introspective negotiation of the artist who collides with the environment around him and creates meanings that are not imposed but result from the relationships we create with the characters represented.

In this sample. Aldaya proposes his theatrical vision of the twisted, hypocritical, and cynical nature of the individual and social being, an allegory where characters and spaces are constructed to confront what is obvious, reveal what is hidden and proclaim what is silenced.

Curator: Kika Espejo