Exhibition by Alfredo Sarabia (Father). El Local study, Street 8 Nr. 113 between 5th and Calzada (Penthouse), Verdado. November 2017

Outstanding debts

An anthological exhibition of Alfredo Sarabia in EL LOCAL is, with respect to all, the best proposals in this November Photographic. Without the great pretensions seen a thousand times today of seeking the most complex curatorial discourses that in many occasions go unnoticed, taking up Sarabia's work again and exhibiting it in a space dedicated mostly to the promotion of young creators is what photography needs right now in Cuba.

The work of Alfredo Sarabia constitutes a paradigm within the photographic task. With his experience as a photojournalist, in a short period of time, he renewed the panorama of the demonstration in the years 80´ and set a visual reference for the development of photography in the decade of 90´.

Nothing better to remember Sarabia after 25 years of her loss than this exhibition curated by young photographers Arien Chang and Alejandro Alfonso. The legacy of his work is thus recognized through a fresh and renovating look, with a perfect museography, respecting the original images and remembering the montage used by the first winner of the Scholarship of the Fototeca de Cuba in his exhibition Other Impressions.

Homenaje is the beginning of a series of exhibitions dedicated to the work of significant exponents of Cuban photography, which commits the space and its curators to rescue and investigate the country's photographic heritage. Debt that we all owe to the creators of our island.