Exhibition by Joel P. Ramírez. Gallery Squisla, San Ignacio Nr. 4, between Tejadillo and Chacón, Old Havana. November - December 2017

Against Time... Carpe diem!

"Time is the image of eternity in motion."

To see the time pass or rather to lose it in the wait. This is how Contratiempo could be summarized, a personal exhibition by Joel P. Ramírez (Havana, 1988), in which the Cuban action of seeing time parading before our eyes is tackled.

Here is a set of works that raise in the viewer a series of questions to which we may not find answers: what is time, what do we do with it, isn't waiting an inexorable part of time, do we wait or are we forced to do it, what would it be like to live without these moments?

Perhaps we conclude that life is a complete waiting, or rather, a closed set of these: nine months to be born, long years of studies, then inevitable adulthood arrives; and so this unstoppable phenomenon continues, and who knows, perhaps not even with death.

We are before images that capture how waiting becomes one of the many daily tasks, linked to other processes of one's own existence. Thus we see ourselves inert before the always delayed guagua, in the historical tail of the Coppelia or of the bank, in front of the change of the traffic light or the passage of the cyclone. In the same way it shows us another less tangible facet, where the hands of the clock slow down in the sea of thoughts that arise sitting on the wall of the Malecon; as well as those that the city and its people awaken from a moving window.
Once again the artist assumes time and space as his leitmotiv. Ours, which is both its own, and the one that must wait to capture the image at the precise moment. On this occasion he offers us a city that is observed and detained, a society that is idle, sacrificed and compliant.

With this second solo exhibition, Joel seeks his place in contemporary Cuban photography. Here it shows that, without losing its experienced and successful edition, it can go from the romantic long exposure of the nocturnal city, to the immediacy of a successful instantaneous one.

by: IHOS 
Joel P. Ramírez (Havana, 1988)
Student of the Faculty of Art of Audiovisual Communication Media of the Instituto Superior de Arte, in the specialty of Cinematographic Edition. Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), of the Cuban Association of Social Communicators (ACCS) and of the Photographic Agency "MAKRO". He has received dissimilar workshops that endorse him as a professional in the audiovisual media and in addition to having 10 years of experience as a photographer, editor, designer and publicist in dissimilar institutions, advertising agencies and travel as they are: ICRT, Hormiguero Azul Films, DNOS Producciones, Cuba Autrement, Fábrica de Arte Cubano, among others.
He has given photography and editing workshops and his work has been published in different magazines such as: Cuba Contemporánea y Negra.

Personal Exposure:
"Chronos", Hotel Armadores de Santander (2016).
Collective Exhibitions (selection):
"Axiom", C.C.C. ICAIC "Strawberry and Chocolate" (2014).
"Artistic Lens", National Hotel of Cuba (2014).
"De(s)veils", Sala Diversidad, Sociedad Civil, Patrimonio, Comunidad y Medio Ambiente (2015).
"Traditions," itinerant exhibit:
- Societá Dante Alighieri of Havana, (April, 2016).
- L'escalier de l'Art, Sedesartre, Alliance française en Cuba, (June, 2016).
- Chiostro di Santa Maria delle Grazie, Sorrento, Italy (December 2016). "MAKRO" in the Bar Restaurant "TATAGUA" (2017).