Exhibition by Katharina Sieverding. Fototeca of Cuba, Mercaderes street Nr. 307, Old Square, Old Havana. November 2017

"Anyone who is not trapped by formal prejudices knows that the truth can be silenced in many ways and must be expressed in many ways.
Bertolt Brecht. "Popularity and Realism," 1938.

The works exhibited by Katharina Sieverding have to do with the penetration of everything that is visible in a superficial way, which is exhibited and presented to obtain results and generate an impact, by that which has its origin in facticity, gestures and habits, and fortunately that is undeniable. The exhibition, superposition, infiltration and dissection of the images, whether different states of the same object or illustrations of the subject, result in the continuous production of new interfaces and therefore, a complexity that reveals the connection between moments and the contingency of the reactions. In this way Katharina Sieverding overcomes the chronological limitations (unidimensionality) of the photographic format. The image does not have a single point that invites us to contemplate it (Roland Barthes) but a transtemporal framework.

by: Stefan Skowron