Amora Collective exhibition Gallery Havana / he/she Remains silent Line No. 460 and / AND and F, Preserve / September-October of 2019  

Decalogue for love
Chrislie Perez

Love is a strange word. It is the feminization of the masculine noun love, an express creation for this exhibition. Without the exhibition being understood as an express homage to Plato, Amora is a kind of Banquet, where those who take part in the dialogue are women artists. Each one is committed to a statement, with a personal point of view for a difficult subject due to the multiplicity of approaches and the risk of falling into kitsch perspectives, although no less legitimate for that reason. So, we might ask: Is there a feminine idea of love? The truth is that women are always called to be more romantic, more emotional and it is likely that this will also influence that we have a very special way of perceiving and expressing love.

Amora is feminine gender, plural number.