Exhibition by Lisandra López Sotuyo. Fototeca of Cuba, Mercaderes street Nr. 307, Old Square, Old Havana. February-March 2018

The lyricism of pain

There are creators whose poetics do not stop growing. Lisandra López Sotuyo catalogues among them. All his exhibition proposals signify a step forward, an ascending step inside a vast iconographic production that has already spanned several decades of existence. Anatomy of the rose, a sample that we are dealing with today, is no exception, because, although the photographs that integrate it address angular themes previously worked by this remarkable architect, introduces new nuances, other ways of looking at life and pain directly associated with the healing of one's own body and that of others.

Once again, the feminine nature and its physiological processes, the clinical and surgical object, the lacerated and healed skin, or the already recurrent trick of self-representation, will have to catapult us to a beautiful and brutal universe, sublime and agonizing, aseptic and vehement, that has a foundation in the concept of health to then sprout, expand and offer us a very particular vision of the human being in relation with the environment and with himself, with his ailments and hopes, his pathologies and well-being.

Lisandra has an innate ability to ennoble suffering, to weave compositions of the highest symbolic density, but aggressive and painful; images that, paradoxically, seduce us by their marked lyricism. This capacity is palpable in the proposal that summons us today, whose curatorial guidelines seek to show some of the best known technical, thematic and conceptual facets of this creator, who also dominates ceramics, performatics, installation, sculpture, enviroment and video art.

Much of it there is in brief selection of disturbing, beautiful, piercing images that give us back a heart pierced by dozens of hypodermic needles, strands of wool transformed into heartbeats, perfume bottles and lipsticks sharing time and space with syringes, rolls of adhesive tape and medicinal capsules, courtships with therapeutic substances, headaches that go through the skin to transform the skull into a bristly sphere of thorns, women able to fertilize themselves and give birth to themselves... An entire dialogical cosmos between body and discomfort, health and death, which make Lisandra López Sotuyo a sui generis figure in the current Cuban plastic panorama.

by: Maikel José Rodríguez Calviño