Exhibition by Aluan Argüelles. Gallery Artis 718, 7th street corner to 18th, Playa. November 2017-January 2018

"Personal exhibition Black Box of the artist Aluan Argüelles"

From different manifestations such as painting, photography and video, the exhibition is a reflection of what is undoubtedly the central axis of the artist's work: the migratory theme, and certain situations and circumstances associated with this phenomenon. From different treatments, the pieces that conform it offer information referred to the approached topic and propose a fluid dialogue that instigates the spectator to find in them answers to an endless number of questions. Through metaphors, data, testimonies and actions, the works highlight one of the constant themes in Cuban art, a reflection of the relationship with the context and its condition as an island.

From: http://www.lapapeleta.cult.cu