Fototeca de Cuba. Mercaderes street, between Murallas and Teniente Rey, La Havana. Enero 2017

Cíclope is a self-managed project dedicated to young Cuban photography, which takes place once a month in the Fototeca de Cuba. On this occasion, the space was given by art specialist Grethel Morell, who gave the talk: "Contemporary Cuban women photographers", new routes. In addition, the artist Khadis de la Rosa participated with a show-projection of her works.


Grethel Morell

Curator and researcher. Graduated in Art History from the University of Havana. Master of Arts. Historian of Cuban photography, professor and art critic. Her research focuses on body and eroticism in Cuban photography (Women's nude in 20th century Cuban photography and Body and eroticism in contemporary Cuban photography), Cuban photodocumentalism of the 1970s and gender approaches in Cuban photography since the 19th century. Author of the book Ladies, Sphinxes and Mambisas: Women in Cuban Photography 1840-1902 (Ediciones Boloña, 2016). She has been awarded the María Eugenia Haya Photographic Research Fellowships (Photo Library of Cuba-CNAP, 2009) and the Criticism and Research Fellowships (UNEAC, 2010) and the National Criticism Award (CNAP, 2016). He is a member of UNEAC and the International Association of Art Critics.


Khadis de la Rosa

Graduated in Visual Arts at the University of Arts (ISA) in 2015. She currently teaches at the Photography Department of ISA, where she has attended several workshops on analogue and digital photography. His young artistic career has numerous collective exhibitions and two of a personal nature: Collision (2010) and Punciones (2016), recently exhibited in the Joaquín Blez gallery of the Fototeca de Cuba. Some of his works are part of foreign collections.