Collective exhibition by Charo Oquet (República Dominicana) y Matilde Marín (Argentina), Biennial of Havana 2019. Casa de Mexico, First floor, Mercaderes and Obrapía streets 116, Havana, Cuba 10100. 12 April to 12 May, 2019

Caliban's Voices

Charo Oquet (República Dominicana)

Caliban's Voices involves a deep commitment to the history of violence against people and marginalized places and based on twenty years of research and active cooperation with the communities of the sugarcane areas in the Dominican Republic. A central part of the piece is a documentary researching the political and spiritual structures underlying cultural praxis encompassed, migration and exchange, music, community on issues of Dominican Vodun, integration and mobility to illuminate the history and culture of Haitian workers who came to work in sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic.


When I sight the blue smoke of Ithaca

Matilde Marín (Argentina)

To fix the smoke is to stop the course of history: to make all the bonfires one. Just as Bertolt Brecht extracted from newspapers the maps and scenes of the theatre of war during the second world conflagration and mounted them in his Arbeitsjournal (Work Diary), or as before Aby Warburg, with his Atlas Mnemosyne, invited a re-reading of European civilization from the free association of images, Matilde Marín cut out and gathered, from 2005 and up to date, hundreds of photographs of smoke appearing in the press, with their respective legends. It is enough to read them to have a global vision of our troubled time.

Marín summarizes the documents compiled in photographic records and in a documentary video that records, step by step, the end of an era: the spectacular implosion of Kodak's Building 53, which took place on July 18, 2015 in Kodak Park (Rochester, United States), where the production line of the acetate base of the photographic film was located. Documents that converge in the tragic beauty of destruction.

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