Frank Martínez (Cuba)

Drawing has always been a fundamental support in my creative process. His universe becomes an important space for commenting on events that transcend the real world and invade the space of the work. Drawing would not only be a retinal object, but a tool of thought, which agglutinates and "resolves" the permanent work in process.

The Hypothermia project speaks of local and universal events sedimented in the collective memory, whose movements in time become elliptical, static, frozen. Thus, as revealed in an arctic exploration, we discover absurd objects in icy environments, or situations of local and tropical character "cooled" in illogical contexts.

A Crescendo of Ecstasy
Mary Sibande (South Africa)

Mary Sibande's A Crescendo of Ecstasy dramatically combines family sculptures with virtual reality. With the use of alter ego figures made in the artist's likeness, an immersive environment is achieved for the spectator who accesses it physically and virtually. The complex relationship between reality, fantasy and imagination appears in the foreground as an extension of Mary Sibande's concern for these three elements, while the technology of sculpture is linked to the language of virtual reality.

Find a clue, make up the story.
Lourdes de la Riva (Guatemala)

The moths, thermal baths or bedbugs, are beings that inhabit concealed in one of the creations of the human being: the books. From ancient times to the present day, moths intervene in silence, devouring, without knowing it, the thoughts captured in printed letters and graphics, leaving us the remains that do not interest them, drawing the fragility of our world.

When the original intention of the print has been lost, the intervened image opens up towards a vast horizon of reinterpretation, in which memory intervenes, which is not static and can be deceptive, like collective memories; complex terrains where the illusory can be housed. The perpetuity of the moment is found in both internal and external memory, and its transient and fleeting becoming.