Collective project of visual arts. invisible gardens. "Inside the Game". Five artists expose in the  Galiano Gallery

Invisible gardens. Inside the game.

"Inside the Game" is a collective visual arts project organized by creators, promoters and researchers in August 2015. Its objective is to promote the work of its members and to dynamize its context through proposals open to aesthetic and intergenerational exchange. Inclusive, but also selective, he insists on building a dialogical experience of self-management of the different moments of the artistic, promotional, institutional and investigative process.

Each exhibition, work or design; each action of production, research or promotion; each text or dossier of theory and critique; each cycle of projections, workshops and conferences, pass through - and in part are the result of - successive debates. That's our center, the collective curatorship of everything we do. Intense, overwhelming and always controversial; sometimes conflictual, more than creative space, "Inside the game" has become a life option.

Modeling to discover "Invisible Gardens" is the task at hand. We intend a transit in the depths of kilometres; of nights, of days; of certainties and anguish...

Who has not felt the hollow fall of a long period of creative starvation? However, in some loophole of despair there is always some utopia. For and for that these "Gardens"... Now we explore the premise of making art as it is lived. Hence the ordinary materials turned into a conceptualized, but not virtuous art-object. It's not art for art's sake. It's faith in art. Or we try to make it so.

In a time presumably satisfied with a certain perfect and sometimes superfluous visuality, we cultivate the absurd. We pursue Gardens... In the transit we oscillate from the poetic to the pragmatic and more than anything the inverse. It is our way of understanding, feeling and doing when everywhere - even in ourselves - the crisis has become endemic.

While he's dying, the whole work is the goal. The way is to share and cooperate. Assume again the tempting and difficult collective curatorship. For even in the suffocating gloom of the insular night, the essential is not invisible. To her goes our gesture of catching clouds at the dawn of summer, to try again to build the reality that inhabits us.

Roberto Fernández Blanco
Santa Clara, July 2019

Featuring: Nicolás Bourriaud + Nazim Hikmet + José Lezama Lima + Karl Marx + Thomas Mc Evelly + Arthur Rimbaud + Antoine de Saint Exupery + Thomas