Connections /  Collective exhibition / Factory Havana / Calle O’Reilly  No. 308, Havana Vieja / Octubre 2019 - January of 2020.  


¨Conexiones¨ offers, through the work of 43 participating artists and designers, a fresh and updated perspective of contemporary Cuban design. The graphics produced by the ICAIC for the film posters created between the 1960s and 1970s are instituted as a source of inspiration for generations of designers: the beginning of a journey that is amplified by the work of the current Casa de las Américas design team and developed to the complexities of a living notion that adopts diverse aesthetic, conceptual and functional forms. Based on the concept of ¨diseño expanded ¨como interdisciplinary approach in which graphic design, industrial, costumes, scenography, interior architecture, video-creation or photography, blur the pre-established boundaries to merge into a large installation that aspires to value an important part of national production in these fields and areas of knowledge.

Each one of the expressions of design as art, or of art starting from its planning from the design (drawing, sketch, plane, model, ¨story board¨, etc...) that we include in this exhibition, we understand them as criterion of uniqueness from the concept that Nicolás Bourriaud denominates ¨arte of the post- producción¨. Imported from a term coming from audio-visual manipulation and the artistic techniques used by Djs or musical programmers, it defines the most recent artistic production that feeds back from the infinite contemporary cultural universe. The designer/artist interprets, reproduces, re-exposes and uses pre-existing cultural products, incorporating previously ignored or depreciated forms into the art world. As a final result, the works carry a strong visual impact and a high cognitive balance in their conceptual assumptions, with the intrinsic value of functionality and involvement in everyday life that design has in all its magnitude.