Exhibition of Adrien Brunel and Aliocha Boi. Fototeca de Cuba. Mercaderes street between Muralla and Teniente Rey, Old Havana. Havana. November 2016


Adrien Brunel

Parisian graphic designer, Adrien Brunel, has always been a discreet and curious observer of his environment. Passionate about "the other" and an incurable dreamer, he is interested in the stories easily derived from a pose or look and those that are imagined.

From classic street photography to reflections, where reality is naturally superimposed, diffracting reality through an emotional prism. His images reveal his fascination for the constant ballet of the urban condition.

He seeks to capture the everyday conversation between the interns and the city (architecture, graphic rhythms, iconography and words) by capturing those fragile and ephemeral moments in which the dialogue between people and the urban crystallizes.


Aliocha Boi

French photographer Aliocha Boi reveals the cold surface of the metal superstructures of urban architecture. its dynamic tensions, its curves and its frames, which play with light and speed, opening a perspective that evokes a pictorial universe. The precision of the lines contrasts with the darkness of the places. The abandoned sites of the city are the favorite for this explorer who cannot stop investigating the spaces he inhabits.

(From) Urban Construction: the work of time

"The raw material for my photographs comes from the urban environment. What interests me is the city in its diversity and the way it evolves.

I am fascinated by composition and symmetry, and I try to highlight those aspects by photographing modern structures and playing with their perspectives, lights and variable geometry. Time is one of the most important aspects, I am interested in understanding the history of places, how they are transformed over the years is an important part of the way I work. For this reason I photograph abandoned and almost forgotten places, which are also part of the urban landscape...

The aim of this exhibition is to work with the theme of time, and I have chosen the photographs that represent the vision I have had of my urban environment in recent years."