Exhibition by Alejandro Alfonso and Guillermo Corral. Proyecto Habana-Cultura Gallery (Museum of the Rum), Avenida del Puerto corner to Sol, Old Havana. November 2017

Suggestive invitation, and at the same time challenging, is the one made by the photographers Alejandro Alfonso and Guillermo Corral. The suggestion is given by the diverse aesthetic resources that are conjugated in each snapshot to give us images that are either enigmatic, or idyllic, or full of a mysterious symbolism. For its part, the challenge - clearly posed to the spectator by including the concept of contemplation as part of the bipersonal exhibition - consists of demanding time. In the first instance, to be able to scrutinize with attention and detail, those realities so divergent that both present us.

Alfonso's shows the effervescence of youth. It reflects the vertiginous search at the beginning of each creator's career and, at the same time, the aesthetic and discursive interests that will later, surely, crystallize in a much more concise poetics. Let's hope that the freshness in the play of lights and shadows, the ability to discern when the detail will be more effective or a much wider plane, and above all, the ability to connect with the audience, will be maintained. Corral, for its part, and only in a certain sense, evidences an opposite creative dynamic. This is explained by the very nature of the project (initiated between 2010-2011 and still in progress) which on this occasion shows: the accompaniment of their two daughters in the transit from childhood to adulthood. This path is not apprehended as mere documentation, and this is the reason why these "family" photos do not need a credential to access the art grounds. Rather, it is about the evocation of a microcosm where the effigies of the small ones -sui generis in many cases- converge with subtlety, the elements that make up their most intimate surroundings and others -apparently unconnected but irremediably linked to them. Here, roughly speaking, are the "scenarios" ready to be contemplated.

They are, indeed, very distant from each other, but they converge in the committed reflection that both propose of their reality; which is suggested by the selection of a rather reduced format that seeks, at the same time as the physical approach, a much more subjective one. Moreover, they invite us to look with new eyes and not to give up a much more poetic dimension. So let us accept the challenge of stopping the daily maelstrom and giving ourselves not one, but many contemplations.

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