Exhibition by Reynerio Tamayo. Gallery Havana, Street Linea Nr. 460 between E and F, Vedado. March-April, 2017

When it comes to painting about baseball, Reynerio Tamayo some time ago reached the first seat in our country. Not only because of the recurrence of this theme in his works but also because of the depth and complexity of his work, which feeds on a passion of years and a constant study that makes his proposals in favor of rescuing the history of our national pastime more and more attractive.

Cuba en pelota (Cuba in baseball) is nothing more than an authentic recreation of characters and passages of the baseball world of our country as well as figures and leagues in deep bond with Cuba and the Cubans. And this is definitely your version or vision of baseball as always. The one who doesn't forget the greats of both the past and the present. Because baseball in Cuba is like a major art, which is founded in a stadium but which transcends the margins of that installation.
Precisely transcending that limit of the baseball stadium has led Tamayo to build an entire exhibition that is not reduced to the mere fact of drawing the bat with the ball. It's a tribute based on respect for the greats. It is his tribute to those who made baseball an object of enjoyment for those of us who seem to have this sport in our blood.

by: Yasel Porto Gómez