Collective exhibition. Development of the Visual Arts center, San Ignacio Nr. 28 San Ignacio street corner to Teniente Rey, Old Square, Old Havana. March 2017

"Beliefs don't need to be coherent to be credible."

Zygmund Bauman

“... We are getting closer and closer to what they call the "high definition" of the image, that is, the useless perfection of the image."
Jean Baudrillard

Inevitably, Art has always insisted on evaluating the human spirit, its direction and contingencies, but lately it navigates over the complex swells of the "deconstruction of the symbolic tooling of modernity"; and in it, every act close to this will of re-semantization, will be an expedite act of plurality, it will load the history of humanity and will overturn on it the ephemeral and sharp splinters with which each generation attacks the pre-established order, the establishment, in such an aesthetic act the cold sweats are suffered by the otherness, that which always tries to appease us with the forces of habit.

When asked whether it is feasible today to dismantle the modern image aesthetically, we will answer in the affirmative. We are witnessing a constant revisionist posture, or de-constructor of the modern, that induces us to assume a loss of semantic-discursive rationality of the "rationalized", as well as the absence of sense of what, "until yesterday", was our only "sense"; or the inefficiency of what we thought to be "effective" as an identity commitment of that imaginal substance.

The postmodern image, indeed: only exists from the moment in which it nudes the modern logo-iconic phenomenon, to leave us again in a doxological status of apprehension of reality; where redefining the frontiers of existence becomes a global matter, but only aesthetically possible from the individual, which tends towards a relativism of these two spheres of apprehension of reality that does not always result in a spiritual enrichment of man, but rather generates a state of confusion in the social sphere that atomizes the subject by making him believe that normative spaces, -so defined from an acute institutional structuring in modernity-, have to be modified to the whim of individual needs. But, as far as the artistic product is concerned, perhaps this implementation of the postmodern discourse in the aesthetic image could not be the sample of a greater evil, and become the best and most oxygenated itinerary that expands and expels, once and for all, our agonizing mortification of consonance.

by: MSc. Fernando Almaguer Rodríguez

Lianet Barceló / Enrique A. Cabrera / Miroslav de la Torre / Amalia Espinosa / Flavia Fuentes / Alexander Molina / Eliane A. Padrón / Alberto Rodríguez / Lázaro Saavedra