Exhibition by Ivonne Janet Tábara Quimi. Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design. Oficios street Nr. 362 between Luz and Santa Clara, Old Havana. August 2017

Wisdom and life
by: Magdalena Rivas Rodríguez

In the claim to society, of reasons to cultivate tenderness and poetry, the woman is found as a symbol of wisdom and life that offers the seed to the world. Therefore, with "Dreaming wounds", 20 pieces in small format in the technique of mosaic on wood, the Ecuadorian artist Janet Tábara makes a permanent homage to women victims of gender violence and others in the world, where machismo proliferates as a malicious scourge that sentences prohibitively cutting and hurting.

Overcoming such heavy obstacles by sentencing these acts of such transcendence for the family and society is an urgent need to reverence the dreams, longings, and life prospects of women.

Within popular art, the mosaic becomes an excellent support that like a puzzle weapons superb images in terms of color and rhythm, in its fresh tropical expressiveness. Diverse forms denote experimentation, as an aesthetic resource for the versatility in the use of elements, symbologies and achieved invoice, as delicate embroidery of carpet on which one can walk. So

Janet invites us in her perennial tribute to the victims of abuse and death. Deep reflection on which one should bet.