Exhibition by Ricardo Silveira Miró. Provincial Center of Plastics Arts and Design. Luz and Oficios streets, number 362, Old Havana. November 2016

"The truth in the works of art is the dignity of talent."
Jose Marti

He studied painting and engraving at the Provincial School of Plastic Arts "José Joaquín Tejada" in his hometown and recorded at the Higher Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba. He has been a professor of engraving at the Provincial School of Holguin and the Engraving Workshop of that city; technical drawer and printer of the "René Portocarrero" Serigraph Workshop of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets and principal specialist in the Experimental Graphic Workshop of Havana.

It develops the drawing, the painting, the design, the artistic silkscreen and the engraving. In recent years, invited by the Instituto Mexiquense de Cultura, he has taught courses in the Arts and Crafts Schools (EDAYO) as well as workshops in the School of Arts of the UAEM and the Museum of the Estampa in the State of Mexico.

He is a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), he currently works as an independent artist and as a technical advisor and printer at the Graphic Professional Workshops of Havana, at the Contemporary Engraving Workshop of Nelson Domínguez and at the " Siempre Habana "by Luis Miguel Valdés. He is a distinguished member of the Engraving Workshop of Cienfuegos.

His works have been part of collective exhibitions in Cuba, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela, France, Canada, Spain, Peru, Japan, Mexico, the United States and Portugal. Since 1987 he has made numerous personal exhibitions in Cuba and Mexico as well as collective exhibitions and participated in auctions. Works of his responsibility integrate private and institutional collections in countries of America, the Caribbean and Europe.

He has illustrated Compact Discs of Cuban and Mexican musicians; as well as illustrations of books by authors such as Joel James, Louis A. Pérez, Rafael Carralero and Alejandro Fonseca among others. It has several awards and recognitions. He was recently awarded the International Biennial "Art with Root in the Earth", University of Texcoco. Mexico state. Critics about his work appear in specialized media such as Cuban Art, Del Caribe Magazine, Futuro among others, as well as on digital sites.