Exhibition by Gabriel Sánchez Toledo. Development center of the Visual Arts. San Ignacio Nr. 28 corner to Teniente Rey, Old Square, Old Havana. April-May 2017

Much has been said in recent years about painting, its supposed reappearance and vigour within the diverse and plural contemporary practices of the Island, giving rise to heated debates and significant exhibitions. What is certain is that painting has a long tradition in the history of Cuban art and this is the dimension in which Gabriel Sánchez Toledo settles comfortably, to discuss his concerns, closely connected with his autobiography, his living spaces, his intimacy.

Eradication, is a new proposal that comes from the same nostalgia to which Gabriel used to resort, but this time the results are different. The pieces that make up the exhibition have stripped themselves of the figurative vestiges that could be guessed in his previous works, to become images where what matters most is not the identification of a space or a landscape, but the pictorial gesture itself. Abstraction as a pretext for exploiting the sensoriality of colour and the material spontaneity of painting. It is his intention to create, at the same time as transmitting, states of mind and perhaps collective feelings, which go from the most intimate emotions to those that can be seen at the surface of the skin.

Gabriel Sánchez Toledo
Cabaiguán, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, 1979

Samuel Feijóo Art School, Villa Clara. Specialty Painting.

2016 Raise your eyes, CEART. Madrid
Out Safari. FRENCH ZONE. Collateral to the 12th. Havana Biennial. Morro-Cabaña With his feet on the ground. Sexta Expresión Gallery. Madrid 2014 Inventory. Ludwig Foundation. Havana.
No man's land. Galeano Gallery. Havana.
2012 Melancholy. Genesis Gallery. Havana
2007 Landscapes. Cernuda Arte. Coral Gables, FL, USA

2015 75 Cuban artists today. José Martí Memorial. Havana 2014 Post it. Collage Habana Gallery. Havana 2013 RGB. The Browse Gallery. Berlin