Collective Exhibition. Provincial center of Plastic arts and Design, Oficios street Nr. 362 between Luz and Santa Clara, Old Havana. April 2017

The works of the exhibition, of the collective Farol81 in the Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design of Havana (CPAP Galería Luz y Oficios), exemplify the contemporary Brazilian visual production. All the modalities of the Visual Arts appear in the set, diluted in relations of similarities and differences. Spatiality, sensoriality, chromatism, the body, research and investigation, the contemporary and its inherent connections to Art History from the particularities of Brazilian art permeate the project presented here. Exhibiting for the Cuban public the potentialities of Brazilian artists; young producers circulating outside the Rio de Janeiro/São Paulo circuit, as a form of continuity of enrichment, dialogue and contact between the two Latin American productions: Brazilian and Cuban. Connections encouraged by the Casa de las Américas and Havana Biennial, respectively. In this opportunity with the exhibition of projects by Brazilian artists concentrated in a unique exhibition space.

Farol81 is a collective of eight visual artists residing in Campiñas - Sao Paulo. Women artists who approach different modalities; but at the same time connected from the critical discussions, from the study group, from the analysis of critical texts of Art, Philosophy, History, Architecture and others of common and particular interest. The encounters have individually and collectively enriched and perfected the visual context of the members of the group, leading to the selection of the works in the exhibition.

by: Andrés I. M Hernández | curator

I'm a photographer and visual artist. I am attracted to photography, installation, acrylic painting, watercolor, nanquin, photo-books, artist's books. With an academic background in Social Communication, I frequent groups studying art, philosophy and image, as well as having strong inspiration in literature.
My production manifests itself viscerally and is, most of the time, defined by chance. By surprising myself with images, intuitively, I find colors, shapes, reliefs, textures ... a new look.

Visual artist born in Campiñas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she lives and works. He has already participated in individual and collective exhibitions. In her artistic work, he makes paintings, collages, photographs, objects, artist books and drawings. Drawing that experiences line, movement. That builds light and shadow. That dislocates the image in space and creates planes. It's about a vanishing line being created. Imagination or dream, neither one nor the other, but something real that makes up a plane of consistency. Rhythms that shift the gaze. Superimposed fragments and other drawings appear. Mixing geometric shapes. The whole and the part, the part and the whole. Time and space.

Visual artist after 35 years of dedication to Mathematics at the Universidade Estadual de Campiñas, Sao Paulo. Her research explores relationships between images and forms of the feminine universe. There is something to be begotten, almost always from a mold. From idea to form, calculate, draw, dig, model and sew to sculpt inhabitants of this universe. Photography, engraving, installation and performance give life to the feminine of forms, the so-called pilgrim forms. They navigate time and generate dialogues between different natures.

He builds his work almost always from photographs. In the streets, in different places of the world, taking daily scenes of ordinary people, generally urban, from a certain distance and often through elements with which the artist constructs series of narratives intermediated in her search to reveal absences, beauties and loneliness.

Contemporary artist. He formulates his art by moving through different artistic modalities (watercolour, drawing, collage, illustration, engraving, audiovisual, photography and artist's books). His research deals with interpersonal relationships and the spectator's relationship with spaces. Using hybrid techniques and resignifying images are recurrent issues in their work. He participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil and Portugal, respectively.

Specialist in Visual Arts, with dedication to acrylic painting on canvas and collage on canvas and paper. Predominantly figurative works. Collage on paper, also adds elements such as metals, stones, threads, providing three-dimensionality. Colours, forms and planes are important in the development of the creative process, without occupying all the space, free spaces appear, pauses.


Lives and works in Campiñas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Visual artist graduated from FAAP in 1987. She worked as a teacher in Infant Education and, since 2006, as a visual artist. In her artistic process, he began to incorporate objects and ephemeral foods that became her artistic viés for her installations, performance videos, prints, photographs and artist books. In that, her trajectory, the outstanding elements for her works, seek to reflect on the essence, the correspondences and transitions of life. He took part in individual exhibitions, several collective exhibitions and Contemporary Art Salons.

Visual artist whose trajectory addresses several languages in contemporary art, such as painting, watercolor, collage, engraving and illustration. Her research focuses on process and matter, mainly sand, as a consequence of her close coexistence with the sea throughout her life. The poetics of her work comes about through the possibility of discovering these elements as bearers of meaning of what is perceived. He participates in several individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil and abroad.