Exhibition by José Julián Martí. Gallery Villa Manuela, Street H Nr. 406 between 17 and 19, Vedado. November - December 2017

"Different individuals follow the flow of their lives and their stories. A man goes out with the first light to saddle his horse at the same time as a tourist walks through the city or a neighbor gets up for work. At the same time an informal conversation can take place in a corner and pass retirees, artists, children, spectators. Time condenses here, compresses, becomes visible from the artistic point of view; and space, in turn, intensifies, penetrates the movement of time, of the argument, of each story. The union of the elements that identify each individual and his path with the temporal takes place. The succession of time and its stories are transformed into living spaces that form an intelligible and concrete whole.

Martí goes, lives, comes, is able to present reality as it is without losing a certain dose of empathy, of manifestation of his own feelings and emotions through what is portrayed. We are able to imagine him playing with those children he finds on the street, on a boat, mixing with the protagonists of his portraits. It is as if it were mounted on each plot line and made that alien space and time its own.

Its power of synthesis knows no bounds. Their details always manage to transmit us the history or the emotion contained in each fragment. Their backlights, on the other hand, become magical silhouettes that need to ponder everything over detail. Each story takes on an epic dimension, children become giants who steep planes or defy the logic of things, adults become heroes of some story or prisoners of their time as they dive into the light or the shadows".

by: Mabel Llevat

José Julián Martí
Havana, 1953

Lives and works in Havana.
Member of the UNEAC. Self-taught photographer with 49 years of experience. Disciple of Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez (Korda), who initiated him in underwater photography in 1968.

Personal exhibitions (Selection)
2014 PLAY! G&S Alternative Space, Hollywood, Florida, USA.
2013 The Stillman instant. UNEAC Gallery, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. - 2009 Unimpeded Will. Museum of History, Gibara, Holguín, Cuba. - 2005 Dreams. Photographic Office Gallery, Milano, Italy. - 2004 A day in the life. Darma Studio Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA.

Group exhibitions (Selection)

2016 Mixed Nexus, Erotic Art. La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba. - 2015 The Light in Cuban Eyes. Jenkins Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, USA. - 2015 Hasta Siempre1 Cuba, image and possibility. Palais Fesch, Ajaccio Museum of Fine Arts, Corsica, France. - 2014 Suits Xtremos. Cuban Art Room, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba. - 2010 Contemporary Cuban Photography 20 Years: 1989-2009 an Unknow Generation, Lake Forest College, Illinois, USA.

Awards (Selection)
2004 2nd Prize. I International Latin Photo Festival in Paris. Paris, France. - 1998 Prize. III Eduardo Abela Provincial Hall of Photography, San Antonio, Artemisa, Havana, Cuba. —
1998 M.I.L.K. PHOTOS International Competition, Friendship. Auckland Award, New Zealand. - 1991 2nd Prize. IX National Book Art Contest, Havana, Cuba.

Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, Illinois, USA. - Foosaner Art Museum, Melbourne, Florida, USA.