Grotto / I Populate Model exhibition of Alfredo Sarabia Gallery 23 and 12 Street 23 esq.  2, Vedado / September of 2019 

Grotto / Model Village
Two projects are presented and discussed. On the one hand, the most recent production of Alfredo Sarabia (son) weighs the values of the cavities produced by erosion, through nine snapshots of the series Grotto (2019). Theatricality and drama are reinforced by the use of low key photography and the poses of the characters which are staged. A mixture of emotions, stories and memories of a forgotten past, which is not erased from the social imaginary.

On the other hand, the eight pieces belonging to the Contemporary Cuban Art Collection of the magazine CubaPLUS, all of the series Pueblo Modelo (2013-2017), represent the antithesis of the intimate space. In these, the freshness of the village is the prelude to experiments with the approaches, angles and lighting recreated in the facades of villas, ruined buildings and the first electric train station in Cuba.

The artist tries, first of all, to show zones of silence, hidden behind oblivion and the passage of time. His work also implies a rediscovery, like an intruder who investigates, deepens and opens the doors of these seats, vestiges that remain of a pretended splendour.
The sensory nexus is, par excellence, a key element in the sample.