Personal exhibition of Ilse Antón with several medium format pieces in acrylic on cardboard. The fine lines of graphite, the pastel tones and elegance compositional shows a marked influence of art nouveau and the aesthetics of anime manga. CASA8 Art Gallery, Vedado, La Habana.


Graduated in 2006 from the Instituto Superior of Industrial Design (ISDI), Ilse Antón CASA8 Art Gallery with a special series of 10 works in acrylic on cardboard, to present a personal exhibition which he has titled "One second before to wake up”.

Not being this your first experience as an exhibitor in the arts panorama Ilse dazzles the gallery space with her medium format pieces, whose drawing technique lets you feel the gratifications to her training and performance as industrial designer. The fine lines of an almost imperceptible graphite that looks like dance in the configuration of each image, the pastel tones emanating from a background in darkness and sobriety and elegance compositional, are some of the distinctive features we can locate in his works.

Such characteristics invite us to think about in a marked influence of art nouveau and the aesthetics of anime manga, even more so, if we consider the feminine presence as invincible protagonist of all his creations. These females are usually thin, thin, listless appearance and sagging face, they look like being embarrassed to be surprised by the spectator in the mischief of his surroundings intimist. In structuring the atmosphere dreamlike that rejoices in each portrait, its maidens seem to levitate, their hair fly to the sound of the breeze and its slender morphology simulates fighting gravity.

Each figure carries a story and becomes maker of a seductive adventure, lends itself to being unveiled by the receiver. Maybe a certain wink of self-referentiality identifies to these young ladies of dreams that show themselves immersed in a game playful fantasy that border on eroticism, self-complacency, desire, fear, the mischievous ghosts of an existence improbable... Maybe it's these females that are a kind of alter ego that exorcises revelations blindly by an artist and her chimeras a second before you wake up.