Collective Exhibition. K-51 Open Studio. K street, number 51 between Calzada and 7ma. Vedado, La Havana. November 2016

In crescendo is the perpetual movement, the constant search for imbalance in turns and contortions, the stain of colour, pantomime, performance, the play of lights and the superimposition of planes, all in the same space of interaction. It is also a statement and an attitude. In crescendo is the document of an action frozen in time, devoid of unnecessary interventions.

For Carlos Javier, dance is nothing more than the transition of rhythm from the cadence of music to the dissonance of rest. That's why he occupies, with his photographs, a spectrum where the saturated color shines to give life. For Lázaro Ángel, painting is the expression of a clean, improvised and spontaneous gesture: it is the pictorial-symbolic thing.

In Jorge Luis, however, color invokes sadness. The superimposition of the projected planes and the tones, together with the strong opposition of the lights, ends up accentuating the baroque character of his pieces. In all three: the purest contrast for colour.

Artists in exhibition: Lázaro Ángel Lugones, Carlos Javier Alonso, Jorge Luis Rodríguez