Collective exhibition. Galería Habana, Linea street Nr. 460 between E and F, Vedado. December 2016 - January 2017

(IN) MOBILIARIO reflects on housing in a broad sense, exploring the artists' relationship with living space and its articulation through domestic furniture and interior architecture; from the primitive paleolithic bonfires (which give rise to the term "home"), evoked here by Ernesto Neto's performance, to the pulses between aesthetics, functionalism and necessity in contexts of scarcity and poverty.

Everyday furniture and utensils are very particular objects since they fulfil a practical function, which is ultimately their raison d'être, but at the same time they possess an unavoidable aesthetic dimension that not only determines them, but also the way in which people use and live them. In contexts of poverty and scarcity the aesthetic/decorative dimension is often relegated to a secondary role in an apparent functionalist reduction. However, when necessity and popular inventiveness give rise to reinventions and dislocations of objects and their programmed uses, a random and mischievous design of and from the precariousness marks the pulse of the relationship between human being and object, valuing the intermediation that creativity and the symbolic play between them.

In addition to "solving" in the immediacy of the practical, furniture and everyday objects also allow us to shuffle the idea of other possible worlds or realities: the broom/horse of a playful child or the infinity of uses that can be given to a chair are also user agencies versus the vertical planning of design and architecture. At a crucial moment in the history of Cuba, (In) furniture will also seek to enhance the ability to dream, imagine and create from the aesthetic paradox of refinement in the ragged, the novel in the desired, and the postponement of utopia.

by:  Diana Cuéllar Ledesma



Marcio Almeida. Alexandre Arrechea. José Bechara. Luis Camnitzer. Iván Capote. Yoan Capote. Los Carpinteros. Liset Castillo. Humberto Díaz. Glenda León. Ernesto Neto. Wilfredo Prieto. Esterio Segura