In Vitro / Collective Exhibition Gallery Servando Cabrera Moreno Calle 1ra A y 42. La Copa, Playa / August-September del 2019

In Vitro
Roxana Consuegra

In vitro fertilization is the main assisted reproductive treatment against sterility; it is a method that frequently precedes posthumous outcome with proven efficacy.

Separated from the biological sciences, abstract art is, in essence, a handle of experimentation for its makers. The analogy is therefore given from the need to implant this language as a test tube within the visual arts in Cuba.

The exhibition seeks to show a representative corpus of abstract trends grosso modo, in the hands of artists who are developing their careers.

These are young people who, from very particular positions, opt for this language with codes that give freshness and richness to the genre. Some show certain figurative features in their works, others go towards a pressing formalism, while the legacies of techniques such as dripping or action painting are also evident as fundamental tropes of some proposals.

The here and now, the being and being, the where and when are pairs as vague as one's own existence.

In abstract matter, the meanings become a dispersed rainbow according to the experiences of the public that attends it; its wide range of experiences, histories and sensations are what make it possible to unravel the intringlulis of the artistic act without girding it.

We live plagued by pure abstraction