Exhibition by José Manuel Mesias. Factory Havana, street O'Reilly Nr. 308, Old Havana. May-October 2017

Entering the 19th century as a mountain. Get a glimpse of its structure.

To mix the scientism of the herbarium and the sketches of medieval bestiaries with the vehemence of the paintings of José Antonio Aponte or the "Alphabetic Index"..., by Carlos Roloff. Mapping the imaginary of independence wars. Take advantage of blind zones and anchor these conjectures there (images). The mountain as the botanical garden of the homeland; the historical as the ferment of voices, and the determination to leave thresholds of readings (index): probable entrances to that territory.

To draw an Index of Images is to open a clear between the representations and to list: from the Liberating Army to the Cubanisms, from the mythology to the flora of the manigua... Illuminate the national fabric with the prism of architecture; dismantle its foundational stones and multiply the visuals of what was told-as-it-was. Inspired by encyclopaedic mañas, this repertoire is a doorway to others, and reminds those cabinets of wonders full of discoveries by travellers, delights of the curious and collectors.