Exhibition by Gabriel Guerra Bianchini. Cathedral Square, Old Havana. November 2017

Let me fill this square with clouds. Grant me the desire to bring you even if it is a horizon. Have you ever wondered, what are dreams? In what hemisphere of body or soul does happiness rest?

I have seen so many people sit at the edge of their lands, with their eyes immersed in those questions and more. I respect that moment so much that I have learned to admire them, because it is a moment of peace. And because in the midst of so much chaos, to trace an axis with immensity is to remember how small we are, how insignificant this brokerage is, how simple are the things that really matter, and that calm that dwells beyond. Allow me to fill this Square with clouds, they are my horizon, my utopia, my hope. Someone once asked, what is utopia for? And one being, whom I hardly know, but a beautiful being without a doubt, answered that he asked himself that question every day. He explained that utopia is on the horizon and will never be achieved. Because if you advance ten steps, utopia moves ten steps away. If you walk twenty steps, utopia goes twenty steps further. What good is it? Well, that's for walking. Let me fill this square with clouds, they are my utopia, the horizon and hope.

by: Gabriel Guerra Bianchini
On the occasion of the 498th anniversary of the foundation of the village of San Cristóbal de La Habana