Interventive works curated by Ley MA during the XII Biennial of Havana inside the event DANS LA GRANDE JATTÉ organized by the Project MATROSKA, May-June of 2015.  

The artwork is a poetic soundscape with song. Was made an intervention in the BURO, located in 23 and 25 streets, Nuevo Vedado, Havana. This park is known currently with that name, due in the 50’s of the XX Century there was the BRAC (Bureau of Anticommunist Repression, in the Spanish initials).

Claire Marie Dreiseitl: “When I arrived to the old Court of Wiesbaden, I was first impressed by the majesty and beauty of the building. Then I visited the cells of the prisoners and the feelings that came over me made me want to run away. It was scary and ´unreal´, I understood, that I was somewhere, where not long ago people had been waiting for their judgment –about their life, about prison or freedom–. I thought it must have been such an intense moment with a lot of fear. And of course the place is not really comfortable: naked white stonewalls, small, with a huge echo and cold. I felt sorry for the people, who had been there. As I studied the words and sentences they had written on the walls, I understood that these people had their own stories and I wasn’t sure, if I could ´sing their song´. A lot of aggression, fear, hate and racism show a dark side of mankind, although I am sure, that not every prisoner was that bad.

The idea of Iustitia is that you enter an auditive world of the old court. You hear whispers: the dates of judgments, written on the walls of the cells. They are the ghosts of the history of this place. You hear sentences –inverse transcriptions from the walls; they are not very nice…– in this comes the echo of sounds from long ago and then the voices: the emotions and feelings from the prisoners. As the listener is been pulled deeper and deeper in the sound impression, a hammer blow appears: the judgment is pronounced! The sound grows intense as the tension of someone just before being convicted. And then all of a sudden, a door closes loudly and you are back in the present. After this dark chapter there is only one voice singing the lullaby ´Schlaf Kindlein schlaf´. It is an old and well-known German lullaby, which should ease the trouble of the lost and broken soles and give peace. It also shows the innocence side of mankind. At the same time it is for me a statement against racism, because many German rock bands used this song for this issue.”


With artists from Germany and Cuba were reproduced the sound of other places in specific spaces of Havana. The interventions offered to the artists the freedom to “recreate” similar places and to produce a soundscape with sound reproduction in situ that interfered with the sound pollution of the Havana city and metaphorically created a heterotopic space from real or imaginary sources. The city “contained” different places of the world and people had the possibility to experience a sound, although the intervened landscapes have not really changed and they were part of the city that they "know", they usually walk or where maybe they live.  

א (encounter) is a virtual trip to perceive the intervened places from other angles: in a relational and sensorial different way. The soundscapes of the artists were not clichés from those remitted places, but they were appropriations of the same ones, reflections of the personal connection of the artists with those spaces and their experiences in them, as well of socio-cultural aspects of interest for the creators.