Collective Exhibition. DNasco Gallery. Espada street, number 214, between San Lázaro and Jovellar, Havana Center, La Havana. November 2016

The exhibition brings together ten young artists, who have been developing a serious and constant work in recent years, reaching to materialize a sound discourse. They are creators who move from documentary photography, manipulated, created, with ease and totally unprosecuted. The end justifies the means, the idea justifies the way to assume the means... they are a group of photographs that cover a number of problems faced by the contemporary individual. They are different looks or from different angles at the same reality. A here and now.

They range from black-and-white to color images, ranging from medium formats to large formats in some pieces.

As for the staging, they vary according to the author and the group of works. Like the way to get high. Always looking for a better coherence with the individual discourse of each work and at the same time with the general discourse of the project.


Alain Cabrera, Alfredo Sarabia, Javier Bobadilla, Martha Iris Pérez, Reinier Nande, René Peña, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Yoanny Aldaya, Hernández Labaut, Yuri Obregón, VAE (X Alfonzo)

by: Yuri Obregón y René Peña