Exhibition by Daniel Collazo. Gallery Casa 8, Street 8 Nr. 306 between 13 and 15, Vedado. March 2017

Daniel Collazo is interested in scenography and not drama. Their interest lies in the silence of the walls and in the history that echoes in them; in the shadows they cast and the lights they draw.

The city, in his work, is not the background where the protagonists shine, but the center around which everything revolves. Walls, buildings and cities live, and from this life the artist feeds.

His series "Letters to the Moon", to which these pieces belong, is a symbolic metaphor, and has nothing to do with the representativeness of the image. There is no chaos or destruction, and building fragments are not the result of any kind of devastation or disaster. The works are a search for the romanticism attributed to the Moon and the universe in general through history; they are images of silence and peace that represent more desires than actions. "Letters to the Moon" takes humanity out of its bustling and convulsive context to place it in the longed-for and contagious peace of the universe.