Exhibition by Moisés Finalé. Orígenes gallery. K street, number 51 between Calzada and 7ma. Vedado, La Havana. November 2016

"Everything Finished"

In the collage and in the material impact is its wisdom: it is material, cultural, historicist and compulsion of the immediate. "
Reynaldo González

At this point in his life and work, Moisés Finalé can afford any audacity in art. I suppose that from this idea of ​​absolute discretion, the exhibition "Levitation" appears, which brings together pieces from two previous exhibitions: "Cuban Tourist" (2010), and "Silences do not exist" (2015), in addition to a majority group of pictures made for the occasion.

The irreducible experimenter that is Finalé tries to levitate with the present sample, but pretends something even more difficult, that we levitate with him. For such an excess, she has organized, together with the curator Yamilé Tabío, this display that is a real pleasure for the visual tasting. And it is that in his work, from the beginning, the signs suggest both the reflection of his essences and the hedonistic enjoyment of forms. In this effective combination lies the proven fascination of his work.

In "Levitation" we can appreciate the incredible ability of the artist to metabolize tributaries of diverse cultural traditions, a further confirmation that to mestizo people, eclectic art and thought correspond. All the work of Finalé is a fruitful swallowing of universal art and its implementation in time, with its own time, because few creators have managed to cook as many roots, slopes and visual cultures as Moisés Finalé. It is what Yolanda Wood calls her "iconography of interpenetrations", which recovers geographical and artistic elements for the present. Or what, in a different way, Rufo Caballero described as "a tenacious reverence for Western culture", seen as the space of active assimilation of the cultural traditions of the rest of the world. Because that has been and is the West, the culture of the intercultural.

But the key to this cosmopolitanism in the work of Finalé is in its own conception of art as a permanent vibration and adventure of the signs, in its enormous vocation of symbolic hybridization with the postmodern purpose of bringing new meanings. That's what life goes for. And so, with the passage of time, has created an unmistakable imaginary of masked beings, sensual nymphs, women-centaurs, devils or imps, a bestiary that seems sprouted from the vicinity of the Nile, fish-birds, lunar panthers, ancient warriors, Aramaic cemies, in short, a strange and fascinating secular caravan as old as blood.

But it is the body and its symbolic and erotic potential that stands out in the poetry of Finalé. The artist, an esthete in the whole line, nourishes the capacity of the naked body as a powerful fountain of signs, and that sensuality, inherent in his style, seduces in a particular way. This is what Reynaldo Gonzalez calls "open the floodgates of the senses in the disembodied, genital, spermatic advance". Open, plural, absolute sex, whether lesbian or straight, orgiastic and rampant, domain of phalluses and vulvas, sex. So alone, sex. The body as a metaphor for the world.

Few artists have nurtured both the anthropological side or tradition of our art and Moisés Finalé. This show is a new step in that company in which the artist is immersed since the eighties of the last century. Let's say that it is his greatest legacy in the unfinished itinerary of Cuban art.

Moisés Finalé is an accomplished magister ludi, his operatives range from the magical to the mystical and from here to the intercultural, from the good maker of collages to the author of altarpieces or pantheons pregnant with enchantments. The range of colors comes in support of each piece and each one owns its tonalities; the color does not dominate, it serves the line, it enhances it. The narrative defines the generality of its pieces, usually in large formats. That narrative of the Finalé pieces is resolved in a classic and mythological key, it is a gift from the artist. Matter is nature in this work. To reach the dimension of mastery it is necessary to cultivate and know how to supply all these doses in each frame; the same ones that Finalé applies to each piece, in each exhibition. There are no free or easy, just trade and talent, experience and sensitivity educated. His paintings are never inert surfaces, they are, on the contrary, living spaces, built by subtle and powerful lines and images that impress us with their beauty, mystery and composition. Mystery officiated in the artist's head, his true workshop.

Hence, some pieces of the sample contain external attachments to the painting, it is pure intuition and sense of experimentation when assembling the image. It is also a craft vocation in the composition of the piece, something that has always characterized the artist. Lets fligth then with this sample, we come back in contact with one of the most laborious creators of the Cuban artistic scene...

by: Rafael Acosta de Arriba
La Havana, october de 2016