Collective Exhibition. "The Black Wall", Factory of Cuban Art. 26th street corner to 11th street, Vedado, Havana, November 2016

Luz a tu propia Química is a pedagogical-curatorial project that seeks the insertion of ISA and its students in the context of contemporary Cuban photography, proposes an exchange with creators who develop their work in alternative or non-institutional spaces.

It is the result of the workshops of the Photography Department of the Faculty of Visual Arts for its students and all those interested in participating. It is embedded in other events and invites curators and specialists to participate in its overall process and design.

The Black Wall:

The Black Wall of the Cuban Art Factory (FAC) aims to recognize, stimulate and promote the work of creators with a sustained work, outside the Art Institution. Talents that with their work propose a new image in the recognized panorama of Cuban plastic arts, and more specifically of his Photography.