Exhibition of Alberto Lago. Invited artist Daina Posada with the project “PREMDA”. Gallery Orígenes, Great Theater of Havana, Pradoand San José, Center Havana. October - December 2017

"Painting is the result of my spiritual experience, it allows me to question the vine through my beliefs and, therefore, to grow as a human being...from a positive sensuality".
A. Lago

Alberto Lago bet since his years as a student at the ISA to investigate painting as a historical material of visual expression until he found sufficient procedures that would allow him to develop his sensitive neorromantic imaginary as a young artist of the XXI century.

For some teachers, critics and specialists the risks assumed by his painting were among the most daring approaches of his generation because his work moves between a luminosity and a coloratura of real and apparent happiness but which carries within its chaos a high level of existential conflict very typical of the times in which it develops.
On the other hand Lago does not fear the medium: neither the pictorial nor the sociological, and it overflows from acrylic to force us not to be indifferent to its worries, emotional states and experiential pleasures.

This own action from an updated painting towards all his inner thinking creates new creative conflicts from which Metanóia has arisen, a new series that is seen as a potentially productive process of sanitation after a fall or break.

The new canvases he is creating start and feed on this act and psychological concept associated with positive self-recovery and in it he is once again reorganizing and maximizing his procedures and his concerns towards the problems that obsess him: sometimes more or even very intimate, sometimes more global up to very constellations, and still very representative of a fresh imaginary and unhappy at a sensitive level with the dominant past and the unresolved present. His doing with painting continues to discover that in the midst of so many fears at the end exists and surrounds us a world of infinite light yet to explore and enjoy.

by: Andrés D. Abreu