7th salon contemporary Cuban art (SACC). Development Center of Visual Arts, San Ignacio corner to Teneiente Rey. 27 October 2017 - 20 January 2018

The 7th Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art (SACC), with the intention of accompanying the summoned processes of creation, constructs from fiction these minimal lines of argument.
His own name is uncertain: canovaccio script? open score? notation for a rehearsal? Without categorical assertive pretensions, it plays at creating thematic nuclei (narrative turns) where artistic projects (works-characters) are ordered. The 7th SACC focuses its attention on collaboration as a possible future strategy, and from this juncture, it opens a space for reflection and dialogue around the diversity in the forms of management and circulation of artistic projects in present-day Cuba. This is the reason why the 7th SACC becomes a Salon-essay, a narration that calls for acting and interpretation from the budgets
 of the image.

Narrative turn: Thematic nuclei that mimic type characters, roles to be fulfilled. Within these are ordered the works-characters that, through their dissimilar forms of presentation, versions and mobilities, trace their own circle.

Narrative Turn 1... from History

The Unfinished Investigations of Sandú Darié (Conference)
Back to the cassette (Installation)
Meeting with José Manuel Fors about the collective exhibition Pintura fresca (1978)
Presentation of the documentary Polyester Oxide (1987)
Meeting with José A. Toirac about the exhibition of the group AB / TV Homage to Hans Haacke (1989)
(Ab)Cadabra Nebula (Enviroment)
After 72 hours (Epistolary novel)
Advocations of the Holy Spirit (Performatics Installation)
Versions (Process work)
12 grapes 12 bells (Installation)