of present body / collective exhibition / gallery the nave / Calle 18 No. 512 e/ 5ta y 7ma, Playa/
August of 2019.

Present body

Since my childhood, military life has been part of my personal formation and identity as an individual within society. I have always been surrounded by this world to which my parents have dedicated many years of service. From these bases my formation was always measured by discipline and rigor; acquiring not only a way of life, but also a filter through which to analyze and understand reality.
Khadis of the Rose

My work is a reflection of censorship and the self-censorship of desire.
Yanahara Mauri

Beautifying trauma and ennobling pain is the ultimate expression of my art. An art that finds a foundation by questioning the meaning of health; for being a mere illusion, it would deposit it with an ideal state and perfect balance. I assume the subject sick and lacerated with an aesthetic vision. My intention is to show the beauty of the imperfect because we are imperfect. This thought embraces me more strongly with each experience as a doctor on a par with the sick.
 Lisandra Lopez

"Loss of faith" is a series of three life-size self-portraits. The sequence shows a heart in the back that is in a state of putrefaction. Inspired by "The Sacred Heart of Jesus", referring to the heart of Jesus Christ as divine love and who also loved his children to the end. The heart as the vital center and expression of his surrender. Symbolically, its location as well as its state of necrosis announces and alerts us of a sick love for the human being and for the human being who is losing faith.
 Katiuska Saavedra

I was dying that afternoon. I felt like I was slowly entering a vulgar hysteria. There was no one by my side or outside. Asturias had frozen in my head, had the shape of a cemetery. And I said to myself that at least I could photograph myself in those moments, and do it in a random, compulsive, delirious way. The camera started shooting at me.
 Alejandra González