Photographic exhibition. Fototeca of Cuba, Mercaderes street between Muralla and Teniente Rey, Old Havana, Havana. April - May 2018

De lo real inanimado brings together the work of 27 Cuban photographers belonging to different generational eras, who concomit on this occasion for the same representational reason: the inanimate human image. Plastic dolls and dolls, rag dolls, mannequins in their showcases or outside them, metonymic fragments of these objects and even the only concept reviving or inanimating other materials, recreate an entire leitmotiv within the exhibition. And the fact is that photographers, participants in a strange collective phenomenon that drives them at some point in their lives to look for associations or expressions in these objects, offer a really diverse and subjective panorama in their treatment. In this way an infinite number of discourses are articulated under inexpressive faces and inert bodies, in many cases manipulated or decontextualized by virtue of an idea, not always flattering.

According to Roland Barthes "...there is no object that escapes sense[1]. This idea is reinforced by the artists in the exhibition, who attribute to dissimilar objects meanings that move away and at the same time play with their social function. From the infinite interpretations that each of the exhibited works can suggest, our exhibition delineates themes that subgroup the photographs according to a common concept or starting point. All of us, anchored to problems or situations of our reality that happily surround us, or disturb us...


Mónica Pérez Llorente / Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez (Korda) / Alfredo Sarabia / Armando Zambrana / Cirenaica Moreira / Claudia Corrales / Cristóbal Herrera / Dany del Pino / Giorgio Viera / Humberto Mayol / Joaquín Blez / Jorge Luis Rodríguez / José Alberto Figueroa / José Manuel Acosta / José Manuel Fors / Lissette Solorzano / Liudmila & Co. Nelson / María Eugenia Haya (Marucha) / María Eugenia López Rossitch (melRossitch) / Mario Díaz / Marta-María Pérez / Pedro Abascal / Ramón Pacheco / Raúl Cañibano / René Peña / Rodney Batista / Yanahara Mauri / Yuri Obregón

[1] Semantics of the object, Conference pronounced in the Foundation Cini, Venice, 1964. Colloquy "The art and the culture in the contemporary civilization", published in Arte e Cultura nella contemporary civilitá. Florence, 1966.