Exhibition by Silvia R. Rivero. Gallery Artis 718, Street 7th. corner to 18 street, Playa. January - February 2018

Visitors to this exhibition are unaware a priori that Silvia is a great narrator, who has sat fortunately and gracefully at the table of many masters of the Poetic Word.

Perhaps that's why, when it came to painting (one could also say that painting came to it as evidence), inevitably canvases and objects began to be filled with stories, myths and legends that had always been waiting to be told, or reinvented, and that we can almost hear if we look at them with the same loving intention with which they are given to us.

Silvia paints how she has lived, in wise doubt and lucid inspiration; without letting herself be confined by fashions, schools or tendencies. Although one could speak of a lineage, born of the deep roots of Cuban culture, from which come creators such as Samuel Feijóo and Cleva Solís.

Be each of these stories offerings of hope in the year that begins.

by: Gretchen Lima