Exhibition of José Yaque. Galería Continua, Rayo street Nr. 108 between Zanja and Dragones, Chinese Neighborhood, Center Havana. July 22, 2017 (Inauguration)

On July 22, 2017 begins a new series of exhibitions of CONTINUOUS ART, which will take place in its space in Havana, in the Chinatown. This series of exhibitions is inspired by the work presented by Michelangelo Pistoletto (Biella, 1933) for the XXXIV Venice Biennale. On April 2, 1968 the Italian artist made the following open call:

"Pistoletto, with this Manifesto, I invite anyone who wishes to collaborate with me during the XXXIV Venice Biennale. By collaboration I mean a non-competitive human relationship. More specifically a sensitive and perceptive mutual understanding. Sharing a part of myself with those who want to share a part of themselves is the art that interests me."

Desiring to generate between artists and visitors an agreement similar to the one written by Pistoletto in 1968, CONTINUOUS ART becomes a platform for creative projects. These include exhibitions, performances, screenings, talks and workshops. José Yaque's "Origin", the first part of El arte que me interesa, an exhibition divided into three parts, will be inaugurated on July 22nd. Through this exhibition, three Cuban artists, José Yaque, Susana Pilar Delahante and Elizabet Cerviño will dialogue their works with two monumental sculptures conceived and installed in CONTINUOUS ART by the Indo-British artist Anish Kapoor during his stay in Cuba. The first of them will be José Yaque.

Since 2006, Yaque has been working on a type of painting that distinguishes him from other painters of his generation. Its starting points are the concepts of origin, creation and becoming. In his searches, which expand to other platforms such as drawing, installation and photography, he does not intend to memorize or transcend these concepts, but rather to dialogue with them. [...] From a series of paintings showing the process of creation to another series in which he explores the physiognomy and meaning of the mineral world, Yaque has emphasized the crucial importance of pigment in color from which shades of color can result, as well as forms and landscapes. According to the artist, "Natural processes do not accommodate individuality. In the same way, neither does my job." (1) As such, the artist has found a fertile medium in the works of Anish Kapoor. In his show "Origin" presents two pieces, Criolita I (2017) and Calcita II (2017), and two diptychs Falla III (2017) and Falla IV (2017). The "Fallas" magnify the spatial perception of the viewer as they follow the inclination of the floor.

1 Interview by Luisa Ausenda with the artist José Yaque, July 4, 2017.