Exhibition by Linet Sánchez Gutiérrez. Galería ARTIS 718. 7th street corner to 18th street, Miramar, Playa, La Havana. November 2016

"The constructed emptiness"

...A nude, endlessly white scenario is an objective reality, more subjective. He does not feel capable (He) of discerning between memories that simultaneously, and not successively -he insists- attack him, but he knows that he was there, even though at times his experiences (only his own?) are shown to be contrived, unreal....

Silence oppresses him. The walls are solid limited-bound where there are no windows that filter the indeliberate reflection of another landscape. "By thus eliminating all uncertainty, -Virilio would say- it could be believed everywhere and nowhere, yesterday and tomorrow, because all references to an astronomical space or time had been eliminated."

Memory is an abstraction that photography usually embodies. Space too. Being content with his being, his actions, (He) needs him to ensure his survival.

Vesitates in front of his memories... In silence, the building of the void leads to the abyssal fall. Does he sleep? No, he inhabits its transcendence.

by: Marilyn Payrol