Calavereando. Matrices / Julio César Peña Peralta Showcase / Casa del Benemérito de las Américas Benito Juárez
Calle Obrapía No. 116 e/ Mercaderes y San Ignacio, Habana Vieja/ August 2019

A living death

Before the graphic work of Julio César Peña Peralta, one cannot be indifferent. Some, permeated with the ancient Western view on the subject, will be frightened. Other astonishment. Many will laugh. For the candid and correct, it will be licentious. All, or almost all, will agree on the excellent bill.

With refined technique; his mastery of drawing is explored in a kind of vacuous horror that delights the observer by the details, sometimes minimal, that he discovers in his matrices. Hierarchizes black and white tones. He avoids colour, convinced that the spectators will place as many as they wish, in an exercise where imagination and reality merge.

What about his characters? Ordinary people, from the neighborhood, from the city. Those who day by day cohabit with him, the artist, the sharp güero and dicharachero whose "radiographic" vision discovers essences, human and social. Happiness, sadness, temptations, frustrations, beliefs and dreams; provocations of that death well alive.

Miguel Hernández Montesino