Exhibition by Marta María Pérez. Gallery La Acacia, Street 18 between 5th and 7th, Beach. November 2017 - January 2018

Marta María's approach to religious systems of Afro-Cuban origin and spiritualistic praxis is an intimate, personal approach, but also - and above all - an approach that contemplates the other as a fundamental element of the passage she composes or remembers. One of the central axes of his poetry will be precisely this duality: to emerge from the self-referential component (which implies his own body as content and depository) to allude to and understand another, whether individual or collective, unknown or close. This presence, which in most cases does not have an explicit corporeality within the frame, is materialized in the work because it usually inhabits the symbolic and spiritual coordinates of Marta herself.

From the autobiographical point of view, I continually return to spiritism as a kind of "pure degree" of the human being. And this makes my work as an artist increasingly committed to this symbolic universe.

The fundamental theme of my work is based on the investigation of the different religious manifestations of Afro-Cuban origin, as well as those of the so-called spiritism, as the fundamental basis of the faith of believers and practitioners in daily life, where there is natural coexistence between the material and spiritual world.