"Resonance" /Exhibition Collective / Biennial XIII Colateral Exhibition of Havana / Gallery Galiano / Calle Galiano No. 256 e/ Concordia y Neptuno, Centro Habana / April-May of 2019.  

October 22, 2019

"Elementary sound that, together with others, accompanies the principal in a musical note and communicates a particular timbre to each voice or instrument. This meaning of the term resonance could describe what have been the last four years of work in Galiano Gallery: a musical note -the gallery- in which multiple and diverse sounds converge -the works- that in turn grant a specific sonority to voices and instruments -the artists-.

"Resonance" - the exhibition we are now inaugurating on the occasion of the XIII Havana Biennial - is that, a choral expression whose only intention is to offer a space of visibility for the most recent work of a certain group of artists who have been part of our payroll during the years 2017-2019. The authorial voices of this group are equally diverse; they suppose the distinctive instrumental with which to emit critical judgments that contribute to the systematization and update of proposals and ideas that are noted within the contests of the visual arts in Cuba.

Thinking about a curatorship is a challenge associated with the poetics of young artists who, gathered in this exhibition, amplify the values of the different expressions and proposals with which to articulate discourses that reflect a marked diversity and bifurcation of repertoires.

Galiano Gallery

March 2019