Exhibition by Annia Alonso. Gallery Carmen Montilla, Oficios street, Nr. 166 between Amargura and Teniente Rey, Old Havana. February 2017

Annia Alonso invites us to take a stroll through a representative sample of her collagraphic work, which travels along paths that have compromised her artistic work for more than a decade: from the care and respect for the environment, reflected in her first pieces, her interest in extra-artistic objects, which are part of everyday life, that collection that is present in any house, but always in the center is the human being, who appears again and again as a witness and guardian of the world in which we live.

Alonso tackles these cosmopolitan themes with that particular vision and style that distinguishes her, without forgetting her roots. In one of her last pieces, José Martí appears, the most universal of Cubans, immersed in nature; in another, a woman observes with curiosity from the island a wave of new visitors.

Her refined technique, with an exquisite work in the textures allows him to use strong contrasts, the colors fill with perfection, creating evocative atmospheres, or mysterious, even daring. The alchemy of creation filters through Alonso's pieces, leaving a corner for enjoyment, but also for an in-depth look at specific themes that require a complicity that envelops and seeks to unravel the secrets of a time of change.

by: Aniushka Alemañy