Event dedicated to Marta María Pérez Bravo. Inaugurated in November , 2016. Galery Mariano Rodríguez, Villa Panamericana.


The body photography salon was created in 2014 at the initiative of the creator Yuri Qbregón Batard, with a zero edition in the same year, mainly participating in the F8 Collective project. With the aim of setting the guidelines for this show.

The salon has a unique prize, the Herman Puig Prize, in addition to the prizes awarded by different institutions such as the Fototeca de Cuba, Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design, among others. In 2015 Martha Iris Perez Santana was the winner of the event with the work of the Territory marked series.

Jury 2016:

Yuri Obregón, Alberto Arco, René Peña


Adrián Lamela, Aurora Viera, Daniela Díaz, Dunia Cordero, Edel López, Ernesto Millan, Evelyn Sosa, Jorge Félix, José E. Alonso, Lisandra López, Liset Falero, Manuel A. Almenares, Mariemi Morffe, Natasha Forcade, Ronald Vill, William Ferrer, Yoel R. Mayor


To René Peña, al Chino Arco, Claudia Arco, José Ernesto Alonso, Sissi Rodríguez, Cora, friends who always support us to carry out this proyect every year, to the institutions who collaborate with the salon, to the workers of the gallery that make all their effort to the success of the event and all those who made possible this party of the young Cuban picture, thanks to all you.


Director: Roberto Díaz Chacón 

Specialists: Amílcar A. Rodríguez, Enma Pallí, Joaquín Cabrera, Yuri Obregón  

Administrator: Osmara Cárdena Rodríguez  

Guardian: Nieve Pombert, Cristina María Brochi 

Cleaning auxiliary: Mercedes Mirdrey Aponte