Exhibition by Khadis de la Rosa. Fototeca de Cuba. Mercaderes street, between Muralla and Teniente Rey. La Havana. November 2016

Obsessed with the various ways in which the structures and strategies of power work on individuals, even in their most unpredictable impacts, Khadis De la Rosa has put all the learning of his career, plus his talent, to work to offer us this surprising and full exhibition of interest. The small spaces of freedom that the person finds in his or her relations with modern society, are examined in the exhibition from a viewpoint that I feel like must be included in the premises of visual sociology, the best visual sociology.

Khadis examines the formative experience received in a familiar nucleus integrated by military and the hard nucleus of her conceptual proposal analyzes how this formation influenced her personality and the way of perceiving reality, she expresses it clearly: "I do not seek to investigate in the narrative, nor to tell a story, but the pure gesture, I intend to freeze in image instants of an attitude, metaphors of an event, where my own body is the starting point". Photography is here as a function of testimonial support, it is the register of invisible processes that function socially, and it is necessary to document because of its symbolic nature, either as a fixed image or as a revelation of a staging that is enough to freeze in a single frame.

Of course, Khadis does not only speak of his experience, it is a history that has been repeated many times in Cuban society, it is an autobiographical sample and it is not, or it is in a representative and plural way. It is a series of images dialoguing with the audiences, as few, its success is in everything, in the idea, in similes, in expressive resources, in the strength of images, in everything.

por: Rafael Acosta de Arriba