Exhibition by Harold López. Villa Manuela Gallery, Street H Nr. 406 between 17 and 19, Vedado. September - October 2017

"In Harold Lopez's work, youth is the protagonist."

His discourse frames it as a generation of impostures and challenges. Submerged in silences, they challenge time, they consume it unhealthily in an act of constant waiting. Their glances are drawn out of the picture in such a way that it is not possible to notice where they are heading, what the goal is or the future. Thus they dialogue with time: they condemn and sacrifice the present in pursuit of an upstart, unimaginable, desfachatado future. On the other hand, its traits of humanity are based on an enormous political decommitment, quasi asceticism. This generation defines itself as waiting, the inertia that inoculates the body and the soul as desperate waiting. In short, a sort of state of Stand by that defines the attitude of the youth of the present. This term, referring to systems engineering, defines a component that consumes but does not produce energy. Harold analyzes this phenomenon by placing it in a global space. The utopias of the North American counter-cultural movement of the 1960s, of the hippie movement, of the protagonists of the French May of 1968, or of the Cuban youth of the 1980s, have been exhausted until their extinction (more precisely fossilization). Likewise, his work dialogues diametrically on local, intrinsic, personal issues.

by: Luis Enrique Padrón Pérez

2016- Recent Work. Scene Gallery. Birmingham. Alabama. USA.
2016- Fragmented Discourse Vol. II. IVEC Headquarters. Veracruz, Mexico.
2016- Fragmented Speech Vol. II, Artis Gallery 718, Havana. Cuba
2015- Fragmented Speech. Morro-Cabaña Park. 12 Havana Biennial. 2013- The Facebook. RAC Gallery. Xalapa. Veracruz. Mexico
2013- Relations. Open Space Gallery. Havana. Cuba
2012- Recent Work. Atelierhaus Westfalenhute. Dortmund. Germany

2017- ...You make your way by walking. CNAP Collection. Gran Teatro de La Habana.
2017- Pipol. Artis Gallery 718. Havana. Cuba
2016-  ¡Presente! Contemporary art from Cuba. GX Gallery. London. UK 2016- 2016-     From far away... Abra Gallery. Bay Harbor Islands. FL. USA
2016-Two Steps Forwards. Westport Arts Center. Westport. CT. USA.
2016- Strength and Blood. Cuba Pavilion/ Gran Teatro de La Habana. Cuba
2015- Glances. Cultural Center of the Chamber of Deputies of Brasilia. Brazil

National Council of Plastic Arts. Havana. Cuba
Genesis Art Galleries. Havana. Cuba
Artis Gallery 718. FCBC. Havana. Cuba
National Museum of Music. Havana. Cuba

Cuba, USA, Mexico, Colombia, France, Spain, Germany, England and Holland.